Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers

Who we are and what we do

MiTec GmbH & Co. KG, Company for System Development, is an industrial manufacturer working in the disciplines of Metallurgy, Ceramic and Electro Techniques. MiTec industrial ceramics are mainly used in the area of inductive energy transmission in both low and high frequency purposes and for electrical insulation.

The main company tasks are the development of special ceramics and the necessary technical equipment for special treatment under cold, hot and vacuum conditions. We construct and build formers for casting ceramics and insulators. Dipl.-Ing. Thomas F. Middeldorf founded the company in 1995. He is the owner and CEO. Laboratories and production facilities are located in Bochum, Germany.


Thomas F. Middeldorf has a long term interest in good music and its perfect reproduction. Intense study of Electrostatic Speaker technologies of the past investigated short falls of previous systems. The work of the famous pioneers in electrostatic speakers like Peter Walker (Quad), Harald Beveridge (Beveridge) and James C. Strickland (Acoustat Corporation) were analysed. Also newer electrostatic projects from the Netherlands, Austria and Germany were analysed. Strong and weak points of each idea or project were noted. Our new concept includes good technologies from the past and avoids disadvantages.

The internal technical facilities of MiTec were used to implement new technologies including nanotechnology, industrial ceramic reinforcement, fully symmetrical ring belt step-up transformers and perfect housings.

Utilising our own lab results we have been able to avoid the disadvantages of previous electrostatic constructions. MiTec Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers can perform with life like sound level, deep bass, extraordinary clarity and stable 3D stage reproduction. MiTec Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers represent the actual worldwide foremost technology and we call them “State of the Art”.
Who we are and what we do