Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers


Wood Frame

MiTec Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers consist of a massive wooden frame comparable to a concert piano, made from beech wood. This ensures absence of deformation and long term stability over 20-30 years. The stands can be adjusted to the floor like the axle of an off-road car, to give a solid stand on every ground.


The inner frames are made from beech. It can be housed in bamboo, beech or oak. There are many options for the finish on the wooden case, including waxes, high gloss piano finish in any RAL colour or a painted finish in any automotive colour available.

Positioning of the Electrostatic Speakers

MiTec Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers have a very directional submission characteristic and this leads to a “Sweet Spot” for listening. At this position reflections from walls in the listening room are minimised and the pure sound of the recording is reproduced like a 3D event.