Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers

Converter Technology

Converter TechnologyMiTec Ceramic Electrostatic Speakers work in the high voltage area. The music signal from the amplifier is transformed to operate the Electrostatic Speakers. This is executed by two mono converters which equalise the signal before it is introduced into the Electrostatic Speakers. Inside the converters there is a high voltage generator for the diaphragm load and a step-up transformer network.

The MiTec Converters include a low frequency and a high frequency step-up transformer of a fully symmetric ring belt type. Using geometrical and electrical symmetry they achieve an extraordinarily high transmission quality. The network includes low loss mica condensers. The complete network is housed into a high quality metal box for electrical noise suppression.

The signal transmission from the converters into the Electrostatic Speakers is at a high voltage level. Therefore transmission quality is largely unaffected by cable length. These components are sourced from modern electronic car ignition system manufacturers.
Converter Technology